Announcing! The Escape – Vol 1 of The Transformation of Bitty Brown

bittycoverThe Escape — first volume of The Transformation of Bitty Brown has been such a pleasure to write for all of you! Yes, writing is a pleasure for me — right up there on the pleasure list as much as so many of you often tell me that reading the stories is your pleasure!

As a sequal to Emalyn’s Treasure the first story in Murray Pura‘s Blue Heaven series, The Transformation of Bitty Brown takes place in similar modern times for Ireland. And, of course, each of my ‘star’ characters have an angelic keepsake! When I was building the story, I found inspiration in scripture and poetry. A few favorite characters are in this new story, including Beggar Jude and his dog, Mr. Jones who help fulfill the scriptural inspiration — “For He will give His angels charge over the, to keep thee in all thy ways.” Psalm 91:11.

A favorite, Emily Dickinson wrote poetry that held the transformation in a few words —emilybox-JoyRossDavis

Bitty’s silence and suffering are not lifelong maladies…I promise you. There is a good woman in this frightened and ragged girl who will come forth that Bitty Brown may become everything intended.

I hope you will read my newest release and enjoy the story. Your comments, reviews and friendship are immeasurable encouragement for for me. As with the other stories, I would love to meet with your book group and talk about Bitty Brown. If traveling to your meeting place isn’t possible, let’s consider using a telephone call and speaker phone so that we can converse across many miles. I know we can work something out.

I would also love to have you join the Angel Pack, a fan club of my special readers!