Goodreads Goodies for Emalyn’s Treasure Readers

stick_figure_book_pile_400_clr_9092 (1)There are winners at who entered my recent contest offering four print copies of Emalyn’s Treasure (with bonus story Olivia’s Wedding).  Emalyn’s Treasure is Volume 1 of Murray Pura‘s Blue Heaven Series, while Olivia’s Wedding is Volume 4 in Murray Pura’s Cry of Freedom American Civil War series, all published through Helping Hands Press

I really appreciate the efforts people made to enter a contest when spring days are beckoning and we all want to be outside more.  Our books are inclined to get placed on the back burner when the days brighten for the new season and coming summer!  You’ve all made this contest such a pleasant experience that I am thinking on when I can do something again!
I want to offer a HUGE thank you to the 439 people who entered and Congratulations to the winners.
  • Wendy Holland
  • Christina Bellwood
  • Melissa Arend
  • Rae Holland
Goodreads is such a positive place to make connection between authors and readers. I know that I value the ratings and reviews that readers take the time to leave for others.
I would like to invite these four winners and everyone who enjoys my stories to join The Angel Pack.  The Angel Pack is our name for an old-fashioned Fan Club and membership is free!  Members of the Angel Pack will be the first to know about new announcements and stories that are coming soon.joinpack-175