Olivia’s Wedding

Olivia's Wedding is Joy Ross Davis' short story contribution to Murray Pura's Cry of Freedom Anthology. As the Civil War battles move closer to the family home, plans proceed for Olivia's dream wedding. Her mother's gardening skills have made the lawns and flower gardens a beautiful, amazing place to have the wedding. Daniel, the groom, is off at war, adding to the stress -- will he be able to leave his position? Calm reigns through the character of Cyrus and the gentle mare Marigold as a mysterious, magical wedding dress appears in Livvy's room. All comes together as angels care for the family in the path of the battle and for those who 'want to go home'.

Judy atCardinal Bluff

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The Affair at Allagash

Joy Ross Davis brings the drama of real life -- weather and geography against the hard work of men and women into a stirring story of love and devotion as we watch a young couple work on their farm in Maine, caring for their livestock in the face of harsh winter and anticipation of the birth of their child. This has been a delightful series, always well-written and edited, but growing ever more interesting and a pleasure to read. If you have missed some of the volumes, your pleasure is awaiting you. You can pick up anywhere as this author brings the story into being , then carries it through for the pleasure of the readers.

Judy at Cardinal Bluff